Winning Inspirations

“A skincare routine is an important me-time.”
It helps me heal & take things as they come.

Meet the Founder

Aiswariya Nagammal

FOUNDER, Product Formulator

An experienced industry chemist, she laid the groundwork for us to craft the unique formulas we use today. All our products are powered by highly effective natural ingredients tailored to offer you just the care you need.

How we started

Back in 2019, our first customers were only our friends and relatives to whom we regularly distributed our products for reviews before handing them out to you so that you can love, care and pamper yourself free from all toxicity. It is with their valuable feedback and your trust that Ayur Blends has been able to improve and show the best results.

& Nourish

All Ayur Blends products have a simple dream, to heal you and nourish you as you practise safe selfcare with us, without compromising, without feeling guilty. Our products are your daily care, your daily affirmations to remind you that nothing looks prettier than you loving yourself.

Formulated just for you

Learning from her mother, Nagammal, who has with her an experience of 20 plus years in the field of self care, Aishwarya began formulating ayurvedic hair oils and masks. Seeing the results in only a short span of time, she started with branding and selling then products. While her products started getting loved and appreciated, she was doing her research on modern organic methods that could combine the traditional knowledge with the advanced methods used in the industry today.

Today, she is a certified formulator from the internationally recognised Formula Botanica in the UK. During this period of continuously experimenting and then improving her formulations, she has completed various other courses which guide her in obtaining herbal extracts for the organic beauty formulation.

You are a unique soul

Just like our blends, we understand that each one of you is unique and deserve a different care that suits you the best. We promise to provide you just the care you need as we work on crafting newer formulations and diversifying our products for you so that you heal better every time you take the Ayur Blends Experience.

Wish you glory, grace and gorgeousness!

The world is noticing us